Sotirios Anargyros

Sotirios Anargyros 1849 – 1918

anargyrosSotirios Anargyros was born 1849 at the island of Spetses. He parents were, Anargyros Hatzi-Anargyrou and Matina Litsa. Sotirios was coming from an old, influential, famous and rich family of Spestes. His family roots are going back to 1700’s.

July 1867 he graduated from the school of Spetses.
In September he was enrolled at the gymnasium of Nafplion. He broke his studies during December of the same year.

1868 to 1872 visited various countries where his relatives were leaving trying to find a better life. His wonderings took him to Constantinople, Konstanza-Romania (to his uncle Vasilios Hatzi-Anargyrou) and Egypt (to his cousins Panagioti & Ilia).
In Egypt he got his first experience in tobacco manufacturing.

During 1873 he moved to Marseille to his uncle Andreas Hatzi-Anargyrou, who was the consul-general of Greece. He stayed in Marseille up to 1878 he was working in a coffee shop and in the evenings he was learning French.

Looking for a better life he travelled to England on the sailboat “Aiolos”, of captain Georgios Xagoras.

From 1878 to 1883 he remained in London, where he was involved with the trade of sponges and later with manufacturing of cigarettes. In the English capital he managed to accumulate his first capital, to be used later on as start capital in the USA.

He moves to New York 1883

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