Marinos Korgialeneios

korgialeniosMarinos Korgialeneios 1830 – 1910
Marinos Korgialeneios was born 1830 at Argostoli on the island of Kefalonia. He 1910 died in London.

Since he was young he was involved with the trade in Smyrna and Odessa.
Since 1859 he established private companies in London and Marseille resulting to create a huge property.
During 1875 he moved to London, where he remain up to his death. In London he established his own bank house.
He died in June 1910 and he inherited his property to the Greek nation to be used for national, social and educational reasons.
He left 40.000 English pounds for founding the “Korgialeneios School”.
Other bequests in english pounds were:

  • 80.000 for building the “Korgialeneios Hospital”
  • 40.000 for the Greek Navy
  • 25.000 for establishing model prisons
  • 15.000 for developing the theoretical and technical studies in Greece
  • 15.000 for Athen’s Observatory
  • 15.000 for the National Theatre
  • 0.000 for the “Agricultural Company”
  • 10.000 for building the “Korgialeneios Army Barracks”
  • 10.000 for developing the sports clubs in Greece
  • 4.000 for the “Charity Company”

He also inherited money for his island, Kefalonia.